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I will look back on the election season and look forward to the priorities of the 44th President of the United States. I will analyse the issues, the money, the media, the distractions, and mostly the strategies of both campaigns.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The world has turned upside down

Check out this picture from an XBox 360 computer game, Burnout Paradise. Obama is advertising in this game! This is what $600 million says. It enables the campaign to reach out in ways we have never thought possible. Imagine David Cameron turning up on a billboard of a football game! Its not only possible for Obama to do this financially, but also culturally - it is not being scoffed at, it is being accepted as a logical continuation of his appeal to young voters.


Mark said...

That's a Wii bit crazy. I heard someone talking about Ketamine and becoming paranoid after the drug had passed, that everything was still part of the dream. Like 'The Matrix' - that noone really existed outside their dream of consciousness.

This blends the margins, that something so important could become integrated with something so casual - and we'll all soon be 'living' in a hybrid of flesh and binary.

Peter Harrison said...

Hey Mark, yes a first of its kind I think - we can imagine entire adverts appearing in games in the future, and complex intermeshings of the highly developed web-based communities and games -

Hillary had an event on Second Life during the primaries - not too sure what it composed of -