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Monday, 27 October 2008

Joe Klein interviews Obama

" He seemed willing to think in my presence." - Joe Klein

Here is a link [http://www.time.com/time/photoessays/2008/obama_klein_multimedia/] to a very good 3 minute insight into a new interview by Joe Klein, who famously, under the name Anonymous, wrote Primary Colours, the 'fictional' account of Bill Clinton's campaign in 1992.
The link above also contains some very good photos.

It show that Obama again is bucking the trend - he's not terrified of speaking out of place in an interview, of resorting to stock answers - he actually thinks things through, when he's tired, even late at night, close to an election, knowing that any slip up will be repeated for days across the world. Most politicians, let alone people a few days away from becoming the most powerful being on the planet, would stick to the script and make the interview very unnewsworthy. Obama opened up about his disagreements with General Petraus on Iraq, and Klein is smart enough to see the benefits not only of how Obama handled Petraus, but also how he handled the interview.
Klein sums up by saying Obama is going to bring to the presidency a quality "we haven't see in recent Presidents. And that quality is maturity."

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