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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

How he did it: Part Two

Joe's 13 days too late

Big news: Joe the Plumber is going to stump for McCain! [http://thepage.time.com/2008/10/28/joe-the-plumber-to-stump-for-mccain/]

If McCain or his campaign knew anything about politics, this would have been arranged before the final debate 13 days ago, announced during the debate and begun the morning after the debate. Instead of half-heartedly going for it, if this was to be McCain's line of attack, he should have thrown everything at it.

Forget for a moment that it is a logically unsound attack, as Joe is not even a registered plumber (therefore taking jobs from guys who bother to train and register) and Joe would in fact get a tax CUT by Obama! But if you forget about that, and put yourselves in McCain's position, you can either sign Joe up and make him the everyman American, and make yourself the saviour of the Average Joe, or you don't mention it at all.

McCain did the worst possible thing by embracing Joe in his speeches, but not putting his campaign behind getting Joe on the bus straight away.

To borrow from Joe Biden, who always passes on advice from his parents, my father used to say - still does - 'Do a job right or don't do it at all.'

There may be an outside possibility that Joe the Plumber will turn around the masses and save McCain's floundering campaign, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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